The Story Behind

The Story Behind

Friendship, adventure, and a new direction. This is where this journey started. It's a story to be told, like your story. And while we tell stories, let's do it stylishly. Your story, your style.


It’s funny how life has its own ways to take you wherever it wants, away from your plans. Your plans… When I was growing up, I had soooo many plans, ones that were so clear-cut, so organized, so logical, according to my logic of course. I was going to finish high school at 18, then go to university, doing something I liked, something that had to do with traveling I think it was at that point (being a travel agent, a flight attendant, a touristic guide, these were the things I thought made me enjoy traveling back then…). After graduating, I would take a few years to enjoy my life, explore the world, and have multiple dating experiences. These would lead me to the man of my dreams (for whom I of course had a checklist). We would meet in a fun way, fall in love, and enjoy life together. Then we would get married at 25 (that is the proper age, not too young, not too old). We would spend 2 years enjoying our married life, then we would have our first kid at 28, and the second at 30. A boy and a girl. Or a girl and a boy. I left the order of that to life (ha ha ha….said life…). In the meanwhile, we would both be having very self-fulfilling, money-filled lives. The plan goes on, but I will spare you more details.


Because I guess you guessed, none of that happened… I am one of the ones life had a huuuuge kick making fun off. Those who don’t have such precise and accurate plans don’t get that privilege. Life tossed me in all kinds of directions, chewed me and spit me in all kinds of ways, and I learned my lesson (or at least thought I did, until for example the financial crisis in Lebanon in 2019, or Covid in 2020,…).


I didn’t study anything remotely related to traveling, didn’t get married until I was 37, didn’t get my child (first, one and only) until I was 39, and moved to Norway (which in the original plan wasn’t exactly on my all…). But again, that’s a story for another day.


I mentioned a bit above the financial crisis in Lebanon in 2019. That wasn’t either part of the plan. Actually the amended plan that life took me through. So I was derailed from my successful business, my lifestyle, and my way of life and of thinking all-together. Surprisingly enough, life put me back somewhat on the original plan, the pre-life-kicking-my-tush plan! It got me diving into a business that allowed me to travel, that made my ideas and writings travel too, and I am doing it with people I love, and who love me unconditionally, at whatever price, and who fight for me, fiercely.


Welcome to this journey! Hoping you have precious friendships, many adventures, and a direction that is reaching its goals happily, while also welcoming changes (voluntary ones or not) along the road.


Make it beautiful, Smile! Write! And Happy Shopping😉!


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