The First Story



My name is Marie-Claire Rizk. I was born and raised in Lebanon, living with Mom and Dad, my brother, one of my paternal aunts, and my paternal grandmother, in a tiny home.

The name Marie-Claire comes first from the French influence on Lebanon, then from me being born one week before the Assumption of the Virgin Mary’s holiday, and finally from the fact that my afore-mentioned grandma’s name was Claire. Although she was really disappointed when I was born, haha. No ultrasound to know the sex of the upcoming child at that time, you know (yeaaahhh, I’m old…er J).       I did also choose not to know the sex of my child when it was my turn though, and that’s 3 years ago, so yeaaaahhh not thaaat old! Anyway, to go back to Grandma, she loved boys, you see. Not only like her sexual orientation, but baby-newborn-boys. And I was the first-born, GIRL, to her ONLY BOY, so….

Buuuut, that’s a story for another day. Actually! I have a loooot of stories I would like to share with you!

I want to tell you how my childhood was, and then my tough adolescence.

I want to tell you about the friends I made, and the ones I lost, along the way.

I wanna tell you how I met my husband, about our daughter, about my amazing Mom, about the journey of my education, and about the wonderfully unexpected turns in life, that led me to where I am today…

See, above everything else, I am a storyteller. That is a story I wanna tell you too. Before being a storeowner, an auditor, and a university instructor, I looooove to write, and to tell stories, to connect through these stories, with real people. Real people like you. And listen to their stories. And be amazed by their journeys.

I would like to get to know you. To invite you to chat over a cup of coffee. In the online coffee shop of the online store!! So basically, you come in, visit some, read some stories, write some stories, and buy a few things (hopefully, otherwise I would have to close the store, right? J)! But hey, you get free coffee! Hmmm, actually your own…so.. no.. J

I might have lost half of you by now, the young ones, the impatient ones, the ones-who-get-bored-too- quickly ones… But to you, the other half, I would like to say Welcome, Wonderful to meet You, and see you next time, for another story!

Now, Happy Shopping!

With Love, 


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